Under design/build, the Owner enters into a contract with Otto, who then employs the architect as a consultant. This teaming approach provides design and building capabilities through a single source from the project’s inception. Through preconstruction services and design development, a guaranteed maximum price is agreed upon. The overall project delivery is expedited as constructability reviews overlap with design providing all parties with a streamlined approach to the project.

Relevant Project: CSU Monterey Bay Academic III


In design/assist, the Owner hires both Otto Construction and the architect under separate contracts.  Similar to the design/build approach, Otto is brought on board early in the design phase to assist in constructability reviews, value engineering, and budgeting, to ensure the project meets all the needs of the Owner without sacrificing budget or schedule.

Relevant Project: North Natomas Community Center and Aquatics Complex

CM @ Risk

Otto Construction is hired to manage the construction process.  This includes the selection of subcontractors. Through coordination between Otto and the architect, the design and construction phases can be overlapped, thereby expediting the delivery process.  Otto, who is responsible for quality control, scheduling and the estimate of construction costs, provides a guaranteed maximum price for the project

Relevant Project: CSU Chico Arts & Humanities Building


The Lease-Leaseback delivery method authorizes school districts, without advertising for bids, to lease property currently owned by the district to a private corporation, Otto Construction.  This lease then requires Otto Construction to construct a building on that property and lease it back to the district.  At the expiration of the lease, the district then regains full ownership of the building.

Relevant Project: Educare of California at Silicon Valley

Integrated Project Delivery

The Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) method allows for early collaboration between the key stakeholders, which helps us better understand the owner’s desired outcomes, thus increasing the likelihood that project goals will be met. In all cases, this method allows the team to optimize project results, increase value to the owner, reduce waste, and maximize efficiency through all phases of the project.

Relevant Project: CA Lottery Headquarters

Preconstruction & Construction

Preconstruction services include:  constructability reviews, construction cost budgeting and estimating, value engineering, life cycle analysis, subcontractor prequalification, and bidding of subcontractor trades. Construction services include:  project administration, cost control/changes in scope, subcontractor management, scheduling, and safety.  Otto Construction is committed to ensuring that the project is completed on time, at budget, and to a degree of quality exceeding expectations.

Special Projects

The Special Projects Division was organized to respond quickly to smaller fast-track projects. The Division is particularly adept at working in occupied areas with minimal disruption to your on-going operations.  With Otto Construction’s Special Projects Division, you will receive the friendly service and commitment to the customer relationship you expect from Otto. In addition, you’ll receive the expertise, resources and purchasing power of a large contractor.

Relevant Project: Sacramento Zoo Giraffe Exhibit


As a member of the U.S Green Building Council, Otto Construction is committed to incorporating sustainable construction elements into our projects. We integrate sustainable design concepts to improve building performance, optimize indoor air quality, and reduce negative environmental impact. With a team containing multiple LEED APs, Otto has successfully completed various LEED Certified projects.

Relevant Project: Chico Gateway Science Museum


We manage the complete BIM model, working with our design and construction partners. The building is designed virtually, allowing coordination that identifies potential problems or conflicts. This allows the team to resolve the issues long before construction ever starts on the project, saving countless hours and dollars in the field while increasing construction efficiency and the integration of all systems.

Relevant Project: North Butte County Courthouse

Self-Performed Work

Otto Construction prides itself in creating an outstanding product at a competitive price. This is largely due to our ability of performing a large percentage of work, such as concrete formwork, concrete placement, rough carpentry, and finish carpentry, with our own forces. By self-performing certain tasks Otto can better control quality, costs, and schedules.