Project Details

Location: Merced, CA

Square Feet: N/A

Delivery: CM@Risk

Categories: Education

Project Description

This project provides necessary building and systems upgrades to provide increased utility capacities and increased equipment reliability to ensure continued utilities supply to the campus. Without completion of this project, their current central plant would not have been able to satisfy the needs of their growing campus. The project scope of work includes four major components:

  • Increase the Central Plant Cooling Capacity: Furnish and install chillers and cooling towers to provide capacity to meet critical cooling needs.
  • Upgrade existing Telecommunications Facility Deficiencies: This project provides in-row cooling racks connected to the existing chilled water service with heat exchangers and pumps.
  • Provide Increased Emergency Back-up Power: Furnish and install an emergency power system capable of providing power to support critical campus research and telecom infrastructure.
  • Protect Campus Water Supply: Provide and install a new water line with shutoff valves, a reduced pressure backflow prevention device and associated appurtenances between the City of Merced water service and the Campus distribution loop to ensure potable water supply to the campus in event