Project Details

Location: Sacramento, CA

Square Feet: 17,000

Delivery: Negotiated

Categories: Renovations

Project Description

A 17,000 square foot renovation of sanctuary and auxiliary spaces; new electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems, new elevator and accessibility improvements. The renovation of this historic church in downtown Sacramento included seismic upgrades. Two unsupported chimneys in the sanctuary, that stood five stories tall, had to be removed to keep the building, and more importantly, the occupants safe.

Another issue was accessibility. A three-story elevator was installed near the front of the building. This provided access to all areas of the church. In addition, the bathrooms on each of the three floors of the church were upgraded for accessibility.

The third major upgrade to the church involved new heating, ventilation and air condition, electrical, and plumbing systems. Prior to the renovation, the sanctuary HVAC systems operated at 30 percent of what is currently required for air circulation. Some of these systems had not been updated for over 50 years. The completed renovation has the church operating safer and more efficiently, and environmentally friendly.

On the design level, the congregation chose a number of elements that would honor the 1912 original plans. Four examples are: a curved altar rail, replacing the two stained glass windows above the altar as they existed between 1912 and 1949, nave lighting fixtures in traditional pendant design and laying a hardwood floor.