Project Details

Location: Seaside, CA

Square Feet: 150,723

Delivery: Negotiated

Categories: HousingCurrent Projects

Project Description

The project consists of renovating all apartment units, common buildings, and parking lots. With 192 units, our team is using a “rotational process” to avoid displacing any of the residents. This means they will take turns moving to empty units while their apartments are renovated. The renovations include new doors and windows, flooring, light fixtures, appliances, casework, paint, roofing, siding, and balcony enclosures. Amenity¬†improvements include a renovated community center and laundry facility, a new basketball half-court, outdoor gathering areas and furnishings, and community garden. Accessibility improvements include widening doorways and installing handrails, ramps, signage, and auto-operated doors. The project is expected to be complete by the end of the year.