When Otto employees arrive at work each day, one of the first things each employee sees is this phrase: “Excellence in Safety.” That single message of accident prevention is one we have taken to every job site. Our goal is nothing less than an accident-free, injury-free workplace. Otto is committed to taking the most active role in creating safe work environments for all of our staff and trade employees along with subcontractors, owner personnel and the general public.

Otto Construction is currently one of a select few contractors in the entire state of California who are participating members in the Cal/OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). Companies, such as Otto Construction, who meet the requirements of this program, receive statewide recognition and exemption by Cal/OSHA for designated worksites in which they have overall worker safety and health responsibility. To become a VPP participant, Otto Construction’s Safety Management Plan was audited by Cal/OSHA and recognized as a well planned and executed safety program resulting in a significantly lower risk for serious accidents.

Otto Construction’s Safety Management Program demonstrates the company’s commitment to eliminating hazardous conditions that might occur on any jobsite and provides our employees with the safest possible working environment and conditions. Our Safety Management Program is meant to be the foundation for our employee training and for the prevention of accidental injury, property damage, fire damage, and occupational illness. Safety on our jobsites, of our staff, and for those we work around is our #1 priority.